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The Listen-Thinking Institute

Making us all conscious changemakers through better conversations

Listen-thinking is an emerging discipline aimed at empowering people and organisations to become more conscious changemakers. 


It relies on the co-listening technique, which helps coaches, managers, and teams spark collective magic through better human conversations. 


Co-listening is not just a skill for people who want to have more impact in their professional lives. It is an oft-forgotten human capacity – deeply rooted in our individual and collective identities – that triggers powerful emotions and connections. At its best, co-listening creates, within minutes, a surprisingly meaningful space, enabling people to spark individual and collective magic. 

three bubbles

"Listening is the prerequisite of intimacy, and intimacy is the foundation for a culture of trust and wellbeing at work. In this sense, Tirezio's co-listening exercises were truly transformative for me. Their simple yet sophisticated Bubble approach helped me become better at listening to others - and myself. Subsequently, Tirezio also ran Bubbles at two of our online programs for our members, and the feedback we received was enthusiastic."

co-founder and CEO, House of Beautiful Business

- Tim Leberecht

The listen-thinking framework includes individual Bubbles, co-listener debriefs, collective Capsules
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