Meet the Team

Sébastien Dupuis

Sébastien Dupuis is a father, husband, entrepreneur and listening nerd — passionate about creating change through better conversations. Over the past 20 years he has worked with companies large and small in the US, France, China and Switzerland, in roles including general management, software R&D, sales, pre-sales, and customer success. Tirezio, the company he co-runs with Sandra, is transforming the way people listen, talk, behave and understand one another in organisations. The company is a pioneer in the field of listen-thinking, an emerging discipline that transcends the work of coaches, HRtech platforms, facilitators, consultants, trainers, mediators and other people who contribute to the collective wisdom of organisations.

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Sandra Romero-Perpère

Sandra Romero-Perpère has 18 years of experience as an intrapreneur in the Telecom and IT sector. At Orange and Amazon Web Services, she has been in charge of structuring and scaling new businesses and operations, innovation projects and high-stakes transformations. For the last 2 years, she has been helping startups position their value proposition and sales model, take advantage of the cloud and put processes in place to scale up and execute. She joined Tirezio at the end of 2020 to co-run the company with Sébastien and contribute to the development of listen-thinking. Their joint mission: connect people and organisations with conversations, insights, behaviours and change they are grateful for.

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Hélène Mourgue

Hélène Mourgue has worked in the real estate industry for the last 15 years. From 2011 to 2019, she participated in the development of a start-up that became the 2nd largest network of real estate agents in France in 5 years. In charge of training and coaching commercial agents, she developed a service driven by responsiveness, active listening and benevolence. Today Hélène is a professional coach and trainer. Her mission is to promote new forms of work and develop ethical, authentic business practices. Convinced of the value of conscious conversations in any situation, she joins the listen-thinking Institute on the pedagogical engineering part.

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